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Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park

Museum Hours
12 - 4 p.m.
Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas
and New Year's

The Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park has achieved national standing as a World War II Commemorative Community. It is flying the flag presented to it by the Director of the National Commemoration Program.

The Camp Blanding Museum is dedicated to the nine Infantry Divisions, including the 30th Infantry Division and the 508th PIR, which trained here between 1940 and 1943. In 1943, Camp Blanding became an IRTC, training men for both the European and Pacific theaters. In 1945, the camp became a major Separation Center.

Now Camp Blanding is embarking on a major expansion to honor all who served in all the nation's 20th Century conflicts. It will place special emphasis on the Florida National Guard and the local businesses with whom Camp Blanding has had a cordial relationship through all the years since World War II.

The park is expanding into the 13 acres across the road from the Museum. It will allocate areas for monuments and displays honoring those who served in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and other conflicts. Veterans of those wars are already designing and procuring materials for these displays.

A new museum building is in the planning stages, with approved architectural drawings completed. It will be constructed across the street from the present museum. The present building will be used for storage and other needs. As one of the few original buildings on the post, it will remain as a reminder of "how it was."

Existence of this park has provided thousands of visitors an insight into life in and around Camp Blanding during World War II and has contributed to the education of thousands of students on the worldwide significance of that war and its impact on our country and the freedoms we all enjoy today.

We now extend this membership invitation to every person and every business interested in preserving these elements of Florida history. It needs not only your membership but also your suggestions for expanded display areas and financial support for the new building. We are also receptive to any World War II artifacts, documents, maps, uniforms, weapons, history books, and other memorabilia that will enhance our current displays or help us create additional displays.

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What You Will See At Camp Blanding

While work on the expansion program continues, our World War II Museum and Memorial Park provides a nostalgic walk through the pages of Florida history for veterans, their families, children and grandchildren. Everybody is welcome at Camp Blanding, and there is no admission charge.

  • The Museum houses a colorful collection of weapons (U.S. and foreign). a refurbished World War II barracks, houses a colorful collection of weapons, photo exhibits, mannequins in uniform, and other artifacts. These exhibits tell the story of Camp Blanding, the units that trained there, and the surrounding area during World War II.
  • The Florida Regimental Memorial, adjacent to the Museum, is dominated by the statue of a soldier and shows the areas of war service by Florida National Guard units and a roster of Florida Guardsmen who lost their lives in service.
  • The Memorial Park is a large military memorabilia exhibition area surrounding a lagoon and containing monuments honoring nine Army Infantry Divisions and the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, all of whom trained at Camp Blanding. Other monuments honor recipients of the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart and former Prisoners of War. There is also a spacious picnic area.
  • Special Borne Monument, our latest acquisition, is a historical highway marker, called a Borne in French. This original and memorable Borne came from Liberty Road in Normandy, and was presented to the Camp Blanding Museum in an impressive ceremony at St. Lo, Normandy, by the Department of Manche. It was transported to the U.S., erected at the museum, and dedicated on VE Day, 8 May 1998. Because this Borne came from St. Jean-de-Daye, the first town liberated by the 30th Infantry Division, it is of great significance to the museum. It is one of only four that have been presented to U.S. organizations. Another is located at The Eisenhower Museum in Abeline, Kan.
  • The Museum Gift Shop carries a wide assortment of books, primary histories of the units that trained at Camp Blanding in 1940 - 1944, assorted pins, insignia, patches, medals, etc. A price list from the gift shop is available on request.

We Need Your Help

The Camp Blanding Museum and Historical Associates, Inc., is a nonprofit organization which supports and provides volunteers for the museum and operates the Gift Shop. Membership is open to all individuals and businesses interested in preserving this history of Florida patriotism.

For individuals, annual membership is available at $10 per year. Lifetime membership is available at $50, Patron membership at $100, and Benefactor membership at $200. Businesses memberships are available beginning at $50.


For further information, Contact:

Camp Blanding Museum & Historical Associates
5629 SR #16 W
Starke FL 32091

E-Mail: CBMuseum@aol.com

Web Site: campblanding-museum.org

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Updated August 11, 2006