Distinguished Service Cross

DSC's Unsung Heroes

Among the great heroes of the 30th Infantry Division in WWII, there are many of them who receive little or no recognition for their heroic actions during WWII.

These are the men who earned and were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, (DSC).

The DSC is the next highest honor below the Medal of Honor, and is awarded for "Distinguishing one's self by extraordinary heroism, involving the risk of their life".

The following listed individuals, of the 30th Infantry Division, have earned and have been awarded the DSC during WWII. It is possible that some names may have been omitted through error, or their award was not made until after the war and therefore it was, and still is unknown, and was not listed in the 30th Division History, from which this list of names was taken:

Did you know that we had so many Heroes right here in our midst?
Those with an "*" after their name, indicates that they were awarded this Medal posthumously, or are deceased. Others unknown.

We Salute Each and Every One of You!!

Armstrong, Mason H.* Pvt. F-119th Infantry 18 Dec '44 GO 496/45A7

Bieber, Melvin H. S/Sgt. 743rd Tk. Bn. 12 Oct '44 GO 23/45A1
Blanton, Benjamin T. T/Sgt K-119th Inf. 16 Nov '44 GO 287/45A9 Bock, Paul B. S/Sgt. 119th Inf. 27 Mar '45 GO 54/45C16
Bouchlas, Michael S.* Capt. 230th F.A. Bn. 12 Oct '44 GO55/44A9
Bueno, John Sgt. 105th Engr Bn. 22& 23 Dec '44 GO 119/45A9
Burke, Robert C. 1st Lt. 118th F.A. Bn 4 Oct. '44 GO 72/44A9
Burko, Adam F. T/5 105th Engr. Bn.. 22 Dec '44 GO 118/45A9
Butts, Raymond O. Pfc. G-119th Inf. 25 Feb '45 GO 204/45A9
Buzzard, Clifford W. Pfc. 117th Inf. 7 Aug '445 GO 75/44A9
Byrn, Delmont K. Capt H-120th Inf. 7-12 Aug '44 GO 95/45A9

Callaway, Howard E. S/Sgt. A-120th Inf. 16 July '44 GO 482/45A7
Callaway, William H. 1st Lt. L-120th Inf. 15 Jan.'45 GO 79/45A9
Conger, Alwyn D.* 2nd Lt. 113th F.A. Bn. 26 Mar '45 GO
Crabtree, William H. S/Sgt. G-119th Inf. 18 Oct '44 GO 143/45A9
Cunningham, Jack C. Pfc. 117th Inf. 25 Feb '44 GO 191/45A9
Curtis, Earl R. T/Sgt. 117th Inf. 21-24 Jun '44 GO 80/44A1

Dail, George 2nd Lt. B-117th Inf. 25 Feb '45 GO 191/45A9
Dixon, Harold M. T/3 117th Inf. 16 Nov '44 GO 66/45A9

Erichson, Reynold C. Capt. F-120th Inf. 6-12 Aug '44 GO 47/44A9

Fischer, Herman A. Sgt. B-120th Inf. 1 Jan '45 GO 124/45A9
Forbuss, Elmer L. Sgt. B-119th Inf. 14 Jan '45 GO 587/45A7
Frankland, Robert E. * LTC 117th Inf. 7 Aug '44 GO 82/44A1
Fuller, Arthur H. * LTC 117th Inf. 7 Jul '44 GO 82/44A1

Gebert, Jack E. Pfc. 119th Inf. 21 Dec '44 GO 191/45A9
Goins, Earl G. Pfc. 120 Inf. 20 Aug '44 GO 96/44A3
Goins, Everette T/Sgt. F-120th Inf. 23 Feb '45 GO 603/45A7
Golojuch, Frank J. * 1st Lt. 117th Inf. 19 Nov '44 GO 20/45A1
Greer, Howard W. * Maj. 120th Inf. 11 Oct '44 GO 68/44A9

Hammonds, Joseph J. S/Sgt. 117th Inf. 4 Oct '44 GO 55/44A9
Hansen, Harry F. 1st Lt 743rd Tk. Bn. 31 Jul '/44 GO 83/44A1
Harris, Dewey H S/Sgt. A-120th Inf . 16 Jul '44 GO 587/45A7
Harrison Jr., William K.* Brig. Gen.Div. Hq. 25 Jul. 1944 GO
Henglein,Robert J. 1st Lt. A-119th Inf. 21 Aug '44 GO 7/44A9
Hensel, Earl R. Pfc. 119th Inf. 16 Apr '45 GO 108/45A1

Jerome, Maynard M. S/Sgt 119th Inf. 25 Feb '45 GO 295/45A9
Joseph Jr., Frank D.* Pfc. 117th Inf. 7 Aug '44 GO 75/44A9
Justice, Clyde Sgt. 120th Inf. 6 Oct '44 GO 78/44A9

Kee, Robert F. * Sgt. 119th Inf. 23 Jul '44 GO 80/44A1
Keener,, Monte W. * T/Sgt. L- 120th Inf. 15 Jan '45 GO 119/45ETO
Kerley, Ralph A. * Maj. E-120th Inf. 6-12 Aug GO 47/44A9
Kirk, Owens L. * Pfc MD-120th Inf. 7 Oct '44 GO 28/45A1
Kirksey, Ernest L. Sgt. 743rd Tk. Bn. 10 Oct '44 GO 23/45A1

Leinen, John Pfc. 119th Inf. 20&21 Dec '44 GO 137/45A9

McCollum, Paul W.* LTC 120 Inf. 19 Jul '44 GO 19/45A1
Messer, Allen B. T/5 MD-117th Inf. 4 Oct '44 GO 78/44A9
Micceri, Joseph A. Pfc. 119th Inf. 27 Nov '44 GO 73/45A9
Milligan Jr., John S. * Capt. 197th F.A. Bn. 12 Jul '44 GO 68/44A1
Mills, Donald C.* 1st Lt. 230th F.A. Bn. 22 Nov '44 GO 81/45A9
Mosby, James L. 1st Lt. 120th Inf. 29 Aug '44 GO 31/45A1
Mullinax, Jonathan G. Sgt. 120th Inf. 7 Jul '44 GO 442/45A7

Nelson, Kenneth R.* 1st Lt. M-120th Inf. 21 Dec '44 GO 130/45A9

Palco, Frank E. Jr. T/4 120th Inf. 15 Jan '45 GO 145/45A9
Parks, J.W. T/Sgt. 117th Inf. 30 Jul '44 GO 80/44A1
Pepe, Salvatore Sgt. 119th Inf. 8 Oct '44 GO 287/45A9
Peterson, Dale J. Pfc. 119th Inf. 6 Apr '45 GO 108/45A1
Pickette, William L. * S/Sgt. B-119th Inf. 29 Jun '44 GO 243/45A9
Pistilli, Anthony F. * Pvt. 119th Inf. 23 Jan '45 GO 137/45A9
Preslipsky, Peter Pvt. C-117th Inf. 7 Aug '44 GO 72/44A1
Puhalla, Steve J. Sgt. C-119th Inf. 27 Feb '45 GO 574/45A7
Pulver, Murray S. 1st Lt. B-120th Inf. 16 Jul '44 GO 116/45A9

Rabreau, John S/Sgt. 120th Inf. 14-15 Sep '44 GO 24/45A1
Reaser, Joseph C. * Capt. K-120th Inf. 6-12 Aug '44 GO 47/44A9
Rottar, A. Raymond Pvt. 120th Inf. 26 Mar '45 GO 209/45ETO

Santella, Donald J. Sgt. K-120th Inf. 24 Mar '45 GO 54/45C16
Sawyer, Frederick O. * S/Sgt. 120th Inf. 18 Jan '45 GO 136/45A9
Sipola, William T. * Sgt. 117th Inf. 14 Aug '44 GO 55/44A9
Snoad, Russell N. S/Sgt. 120th Inf. 23 Dec '44 GO 117/45A9
Stapleton, Charles D. Capt. 117th Inf. 9-12 Jul '44 GO 74/44A1
Steelman, Fred D Jr. * T/Sgt. 119th Inf. 28-29 Jul '44 GO 240/45A9
Sterling, Harold V. T/Sgt. 117th Inf. 7 Aug '44 GO 9/45A1

Tate, Charles L. S/Sgt. 120th Inf. 3 Jan '45 GO 137/45A9
Tempesta, Anthony A S/Sgt. 743rd Tk. Bn. 11 Oct '44 GO 29/45A1
Thayer, Kenneth C. Pfc. K-119th Inf. 10 Oct '44 GO 287/45A9

Unger, Frederick W. 2nd Lt. F-119th Inf. 29 Aug '44 GO 55/44A9

Van Der Kamp, John * Sgt. M-120th Inf. 21 Dec'44 GO 151/45A9
Vannice, Daniel B. S/Sgt. E-119th Inf. 16 Apr '45 GO 108/45A1
Vollmer, Robert P.* Pfc. AT-120th Inf. 8 Aug '44 GO 600/45A7

Warnock, Frank * 2nd Lt. 117th Inf. 8 Jul '44 GO 61/45A9
Way, Harlen W. * Pvt. B-117th Inf. 25 Mar '45 GO 199/45A9
Wease, Frank L. * T/Sgt. G-119th Inf. 14 Jan'45 GO 137/45A9
Widener, William J. S/Sgt. 119th Inf. 20-21 Dec'44 GO 137/45A9
Woody, Ronal E. * Capt. G-120th Inf. 6-12 Aug '44 GO 47/44A9

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