The adoption program that most of us are familiar with that has been organized and continually in operation at The Netherlands-American Cemetery at Margraten in The Netherlands, and at Henri-Chapelle-American Cemetery at Aubel in Belgium, is now being inaugurated at the Normandy-American Cemetery near Omaha Beach, and at the Brittany-American Cemetery at St. James.

Our close friend, Claude Lavieille, of St. Jean-de-Daye in Normandy, after some discussion with Frank Towers, and reading the book, "Crosses in the Wind", has been moved to organize a group called "Les Fleurs de la Memoire," and he has enthusiastically become deeply involved

This group is currently being organized and memberships to adopt all of our 30th Division graves have been solicited from the citizens from all over Normandy.

Again, this will show the great respect and honor that the people of Normandy wish to express as a tribute to those fallen soldiers buried there in these cemeteries, far away from home and family.

They gave their lives, so that the people of Normandy, and all of France, could have everlasting Peace, Liberty and Freedom.

NO! They are Not Forgotten !!

If anyone knows of a 30th Division family of a "Loved one" who is buried at the Normandy Cemetery or the Brittany Cemetery, and would like to have the grave of their "Loved one" adopted, please have them contact the Exec. Sec-Treas. Such contact would not involve any costs, but would be an opportunity to communicate with a member of "Les Fleurs de la Memoire", if they so wish.

Members of the organization will be encouraged to visit their "adopted grave" as often as possible and practical, but particularly on our American holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day.

After only one year of operation the organization "Les Fleurs de la Memoire" has adopted over 2,000 graves in the Normandy and Brittany Cemeteries.

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Frank W. Towers
30th Inf. Div. Assoc.

Updated August 22, 2001