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If any of you viewers are former combat veterans of the 30th Infantry Division in WWII, and would like to become associated with some of your former combat comrades, and if you were not aware of our existence or had lost contact with your former comrades, we would like to reach out to you and bring you back into our Old Hickory Family of WWII Veterans.

We currently have about 800 known surviving members of the 30th in our organization, scattered all over the country, from every unit, and this would give you a good opportunity to get back in contact with some of them.

We now have a new organization, named "The 30th Infantry Division Veterans of WWII" and it is composed only of actual combat veterans of WWII, who are our true comrades in arms, with whom we personally associated and shared fox holes.

We will be having meetings where we all will have an opportunity to get together and renew old acquaintances and find many of our comrades of 65 years ago. It is a heartwarming experience that you would not want to miss, and since our numbers are dwindling we may not be having many more of these "Get-Togethers".

Membership is restricted to combat veterans who have served honorably with the 30th Infantry Division at any time, up through 8 May 1945, plus Spouses and Widows. Children of eligible veterans may become Associate Members.

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You will then be placed on our mailing list, and will receive the quarterly "30th Division Veterans' News", and you will be kept up to date on the activities of the organization and its members.

Additionally, any donations made to the Memorial Monument Fund, or to the General Fund will be acknowledged and appreciated and duly accounted for, and since we are a 501 (c) (19) I.R.S. Tax Exempt - Non-Profit organization, all donations are Income Tax deductible.

Frank W. Towers
2915 W. SR #235
Brooker, FL 32622-5167

Phone: (352)-485-1173
FAX: (352)-485-2763


Updated Nov. 12, 2006