Comprehensive 30th Division Roster

In all of the past 70 years, we have never had a comprehensive, all inclusive, Roster of the 30th Division personnel who served in WWII.

As you are all aware, most all of the 30th Division combat records were destroyed in a tragic fire at St. Louis, MO in July 1973.

If there ever was such a Roster, it went up in smoke at that time, and copies of such a document have never been found.

For nearly the past 10 years, I have been collaborating with Jim West, formerly of Camp Atterbury, IN, and a non-30th guy at that, to try to construct such a comprehensive roster of all of our Division personnel. Jim has an excellent software program for setting up a new roster of every known man who ever served in the 30th Infantry Division in WWII. I have been feeding him data on 30th Division personnel from our 30th Division Archives at the Camp Blanding Museum, and Jim has been entering this data by name and unit, rank and ASN, with any other pertinent data that we might find on each man

Very fortunately, many of our veterans had saved rosters from their squad, platoon or Company, and had sent them to us long ago for future reference. Now the time has come and these records have once again seen the light of day, for a very useful purpose.

Data on many individuals is scarce, other than their name. Most though, have some other data, and now all of this is being recorded and consolidated into one document. For a few, we only have a nick-name for the first name, for some no first name.

This document is intended to be available to anyone for research purposes, and we are trying to obtain as much data on every person as is possible.

We are assembling this data with the following headings: Name; Rank; Serial #; Unit; KIA; MIA; Position; Awards; Sources; Notes; WIA; POW; Photo; Deceased; Ret'd; Award Order #; CIB; CMB; Grave location; Cemetery; Date; Campaigns and other miscellaneous information that may be submitted.

This document can be found on our Official 30th Infantry Division website: in the Index on the Home page, as "Roster", and it is a "Read Only" document - It CANNOT be copied!

If after examining this roster, you find any errors or changes that need to be made, or additions of more names or other data, Please make a note of them and send them to The Editor. Such changes of additions will be added to this document each six months to update its contents. However, all data sent in will be entered into our data base as soon as possible.

At this time, we have 34,494 names of Veterans of the 30th Infantry Division who served at some time during WWII. We all know that there were many, many more men than this who served in the 30th, but they have become lost over the years, since their name was never listed in the Awards section or the KIA-MIA section of the appendix of the 30th Division history.

So, again we implore you, if you know of a name that is not listed, or know of any data that is missing, please send it on to the Editor.

For those of you who do not have computers, perhaps one of your children or a relative or friend can bring this document up for you.

As of this writing, we have 34,494 confirmed names - and still growing! This is the largest known single compilation of such data known to exist.

If you are interested in seeing and knowing who was in any particular Unit, you can Highlight the columns A, B, C & D, then go up to "Data" and click on "Sort". It will sort out the entire list by Units; or, you can go to another website: and navigate through this maze: Click on 30th Division at top of page; then click on "Roster" at left side, then choose your Unit, and you will see all of the names of men who were in any particular Unit.
We hope that you will find this roster of value in your research.

Revised: 1 February 2016

Researched by Frank W. Towers
Compiled by James West
© 30th Infantry Division Veterans of WWII
Frank W. Towers:
James West:

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Please note: The roster is an Excel spreadsheet compressed in a .zip file. Simply save the file to your computer and double-click to open.

Researched by Frank W. Towers Compiled by James West
(C) 30th Infantry Division Veterans of WWII
James West @www.Indiana


Updated March 1, 2016